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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Action Time Radio - Episode 41

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Welcome to today's show, let's get right to it! Today we're featuring that somewhat mythical creature of garage pop psych, pop from the West Bank! By that, I am of course, referring to The Sea-Ders (later known as the Cedars), who hailed from Beirut during the 1960s, a very different time from today, to be sure. The Sea-ders gifted us with some divine somewhat raga-sounding psych pop, and today we will be presenting some of that to you. So....enjoy!

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1. The Sea-Ders - Thanks A Lot
2. Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark
3. Les Fleur De Lys - Hold On
4. The High Learys - Down Time
5. The Woggles - Blasting Cap
6. The Clee-Shays - Beyond
7. Caleb - Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
8. Jarvis Humby - The 4th Man
9. The Kaisers - Alligator Twist
10. Mach Kung-Fu - Dragon Limbo
11. The Aardvarks - Save My Soul
12. The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Secret Agent Man
13. The Barracudas - Somebody
14. Jacco Gardner - Help Me Out
15. The Lizards - When I Met You
16. The Seeds - Pictures And Designs
17. The Witchdoctors - Behind My Back
18. The Early Hours - Happenin' Kid Today
19. Cosmonauts - Gillian
20. The Birds - Leaving Here
21. The Milkshakes - Tell Me Child
22. The Sea-Ders - For Your Information

Hope you enjoyed today's show, we'll be back next week with another new hour of garage and beat, from the sixties, thru to today, and with a bit more heaping portion of Toe Rag sounds next week. Same time, same Yeah Right Radio station, at 10pm CET, 9pm GMT, 4pm U.S. Eastern Time, and 2pm U.S. Mountain Time. In the meantime, you can hear this show again tomorrow at 4am CET, 3am, GMT, 10pm ET, 8pm MT, and again the following Monday at 6pm CET, 5pm GMT, noon ET, 10am MT. No matter what part of the day you like your garage, mod, psych, or beat, there's a day of the week when Action Time Radio is convenient for you!


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