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Friday, May 11, 2012

Featured series 2012 #6 The Cavemen Five

A series in which we spotlight some selected new and upcoming releases that are featured more prominently during the NOW Sound on Yeah Right Radio.

The Cavemen Five - Don't Play With Me / Zombie HopX-Ray Spex in the Garage?

Not moody at all, but highly energetic stompers that will get your feet moving at the first beat! And why not, these French cavemen show that some good sax will blow off the roof of any cave-party!

And on top of that a great addition for your 2012 Halloween party: do the Zombie Hop, ready or not!

The Cavemen Five (7")
Don't Play With Me / Zombie Hop
Label: Soundflat Records SFR-45-017 (2012)


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