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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can we bug you?

Just got this promo in the mail from The Scumbugs. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, the icy north of nowhere famous for hosting the Back To Beat Weekender.

A 3 track demo which itches you to dance right after you get stung by the first notes....
Gotham City ... Wild ... Baby's Gone Away

We're not gonna tell you what we think of it, you already know that :-) ain't on Yeah Right if it can't get you dancing through the night!!

So tune in and check it out!! 
These songs are on play in the NOW Sound!!

Visit The Scumbugs' facebook page to give them some likes and then they may just press this little jewel on a shiny black 7" vinyl so you can spin it at your favorite party!

...and for all you wild festival promotors, give these guys a call! You definitely want them on your festival line-up cause The Scumbugs don't only pack the songs that make the crowd go wild but they have great outfits and the show to back it up!!


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