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Friday, April 13, 2012

Featured series 2012 #5 Los Immediatos

A series in which we spotlight some selected new and upcoming releases that are featured more prominently during the NOW Sound on Yeah Right Radio.

Los Immediatos - 4 Tickets To WonderlandTime is but an illusion in Wonderland where a first class ride along a wonderful mix of psychedelic flows and raw garage awaits you. Take a bite from this flavoured biscuit and suddenly Wonderland is a place where the organ comes to live like a breathing and pounding machine and the cymbals on the drumkit grow out to giant mushrooms.

Violins and sitar add to the folky sixties pop atmosphere of this voyage through Wonderland but it is the addition of keyboards that give Los Immediatos' sound a richer and more layered feeling that mixes in perfectly with their uptempo and swinging garage sound.

Los Immediatos (LP)
4 Tickets To Wonderland
Label: Sunny Day Records SUN-008 (2012)

1. Four Tickets To Wonderland
2. Empty Streets
3. Through My Eyes
4. Cry On My Own
5. Garbage Feelings
6. Beautiful Mario
7. I Can't Decide
8. Chica Diez
9. Dia De Lluvia
10. Mamma's Little Man
11. Let Me Rest In The Sun
12. Leave Your Hair Grow Up



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