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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Action Time Radio - Episode 36

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Welcome to this week's episode of Action Time Radio! Brrr, it's many degrees below zero today in the Action Time Radio backyard, which makes our featured artist today rather...appropos. 2013's been a fantastic year for the burgeoning garage rock and beat scene developing over in Russia. Bands in that scene have contributed what is surely some of my personal favorite music of this year. And today, we're featuring one of the younger acts of that scene, Mystic Brew, from the Samara region. I have no bloody idea where that region lies within the country, but Mystic Brew are certainly great ambassadors for them. They have not released a full length yet, but we're playing both sides of their most recent 45. Enjoy!

 photo MysticBrew.jpg

1. Mystic Brew – Don’t Cry No More
2. The Makers – Potential Liability
3. Impala – Herculanium
4. The Satelliters – Some Kinda Sorrow
5. Q’65 – Cry In The Night
6. Ben Vaughn – Enfermo
7. The Wildebeests – One + One
8. The Glass Sun – I Can See The Light
9. Monks – Shut Up
10. Head and the Hares – From My Window
11. The Hate Bombs – Know About You
12. Jungle – Slave Ship
13. Les Spadassins – Pussy Cat Calls
14. Tam White – Future Thoughts
15. Cosmonauts – Motorcycle One
16. Larry and the Blue Notes – In And Out
17. The Nuthins – Allergic Kiss
18. The Othermen – Do The Max
19. Mystic Brew – Your Reality

Hope you enjoyed the show today! There are only three new episodes of Action Time Radio left this year, come enjoy them all! We'll be back Thursday, at 10pm CET, 9pm GMT, 4pm U.S. Eastern Time, and 2pm U.S. Mountain Time. In the meantime, you can hear this show again tomorrow at 4am CET, 3am, GMT, 10pm ET, 8pm MT, and again the following monday at 6pm CET, 5pm GMT, noon ET, 10am MT. So whatever time of day you like your garage, mod, psych, or beat, there's a day of the week when Action Time Radio is convenient for you!


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