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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured series 2012 #3 The Jackets

A series in which we spotlight some selected new and upcoming releases that are featured more prominently during the NOW Sound on Yeah Right Radio.

The Jackets - Way OutThey say that behind every good man stands a better woman and that's exactly what you see when you look who's wearing the moustache in this band that could have been the star in the freakshow of a circus passing by your town!

They call it as it is, 'Way Out' and that's exactly the freaked-out garage sound that the Jackets are masters of. Highlight on the album is 'Wasting my Time' and 'Freak Out' which also has an amazing videoclip that'll give you the right idea of a proper freak-out party!!

The Jackets (LP)
Way Out
Label: Soundflat Records SFR-040 (2012)

1. Freak Out
2. Down You Stay
3. Wasting My Time
4. Fly My Way
5. You Said
6. Hang Up
7. In My Mind
8. Oh Baby
9. Falling Girl
10. What We Gonna Do
11. The City
12. Last Chance



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