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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Featured series 2012 #1 Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples

A series in which we spotlight some selected new and upcoming releases that are featured more prominently during the NOW Sound on Yeah Right Radio.

Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples - Synthetic Sunshine / ThrillkillhillbillyrhythmKicking off with Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples first release. A 'golden' edition in merely 250 copies to redecorate your livingroom. And if you ever need help with that, you can always hire this 'A-team', they are more than happy to do it for you!

With 4 iiii's and 8 llllllll's the song Thrillkillhillbillyrhythm makes the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse of this iiiillllllll society, with the Apple salvation army taking over (and while they're at it, the loot too!)
A punk anthem in disguise if there ever was one, that shows a social engagement along the likes of 'holiday in Cambodia'.

And mind relieve is offered on the flipside with a good dose of Synthetic Sunshine. Is there a doctor in the band? Yes there actually is!

Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples (7")
Synthetic Sunshine / Thrillkillhillbillyrhythm
Label: Gold & Appel Enterprises GA-1002 (2012)


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