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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fuzz Overdose-d...

Just some days before the end of 2011 and our favorite greek label did it again...
Fuzz Overdose Records introduces us to some more hidden pearls from the greek garage vaults. The Dark Rags, usual suspects here in Yeah Right Radio, the Mongrelettes, an almost-all girl band, and the Social End Products. All bands come from Athens and are with...pedigrees.

The Dark Rags - s/tThe Dark Rags (x-members of Dustbowl, Teddy boys from the Crypt and Velvoids) after visiting Berlin this spring, got themselves locked in the studio and they were not released until they delivered their first full length album. First on cd but soon we are promised to hear (and smell) the vinyl version. Eleven songs, some already known to the Yeah Right Radio audience like 'Drunken Angel', 'State of Oblivion' and 'Bad Juju Blues', and amazing artwork.... We can't wait for the vinyl edition cause as much as we love the music....we really hate cds. There is nothing like the sweet smell of vinyl!!!

The MongrelettesThe Mongrelettes (x-members of B-sides, Teddy Boys from the Crypt, Psykicks) are an almost all girl band....four girls and a boy and this is their debut 7" single. We were so amazingly surprised by this new band. Unique artwork in yellow and blue, leaving behind the usual creepy black/red/white aesthetics, and a song that you cannot help but fall madly in love with ... 'Mon mec a moi', which also gives the name to this ep. If you manage to let the needle play further than this one, then you have three more songs to satisfy your soul. A definite MUST HAVE!!!

The Social End ProductsThe Social End Products (x-members of Walking Screams, Meanie Geanies, Les Chrites) released their Ego Trip on their own label, Radar Eye Records but trusted Fuzz Overdose with the distribution. It is a four song ep with influences from Hasil Atkins and Bo Diddley to 13th Floor Elevators and Sun Ra and songs with triggering titles like 'Good Samaritan go bad' or 'Kaleidoscopic Path'... but out favorite is 'Psych out'. Exactly as we like our garage-punk.... fast, raw and frenetic.

So don't waste time.....still some days till Bad Santa comes to town. If you were really really really bad kids ...then you deserve the best ;)
Order on Fuzz Overdose Records or any other fine mailorder.


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