Thursday, August 21, 2014

Action Time Radio - Episode 72

Well, I goofed up and deleted the original song list for Episode 72, but if you missed it, here's what we played!

1. The Ettes – Crown of Age
2. The Makers – I’m Your Big Man
3. Thee Cybermen – Back Again Tomorrow
4. The Lipstick Killers – Driving The Special Dead
5. Jarvis Humby – Let Me Take You There
6. The Cynics – Blue Train Station
7. Dead Meadow (Official) – Let’s Jump In
8. The Ghastly Ones – Hangman Hangten
9. Revillos – Motorbike Beat
10. Graven Image – Take A Bite Of Life
11. Time Of Your Life – Ode To A Bad Dream
12. The Untold Fables – When The Night Falls
13. The Miracle Workers – I’ll Walk Away
14. Les Sexareenos – Way That You Work
15. The Four Fifths – She’ll Hurt You In The End
16. The Pynnacles – Tonight In The Desert
17. The Pandoras – It Just Ain’t True
18. The Mentalettes – Lovers’ Wasteland
19. The Smoke – Wake Up Cherylina
20. Mystic Braves – Bright Blue Day Haze
21. The Ettes – Chilled Hidebound Hearts

Time to go confess, but In the meantime, you can hear this show again tomorrow at 4am CET, 3am, GMT, 10pm ET, 8pm MT, and again the following Monday at 6pm CET, 5pm GMT, noon EDT, 10am MDT.


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