Thursday, May 29, 2014

Action Time Radio - Episode 61 (Girls Rock Special)

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We've got a really well and truly cool hour of Action Time Radio this week, featuring a lot of cool garage and rock sounds from the distaff side, where the women are cranking up the amps while they stomp, shout, and work it on out. From the 6Ts to today, from the original girls-in-the-garage, through to revival, paisely, and up to today. From the west coast of the USA, to the cities of the Old Continent, chicks rock supreme. No particular featured artists today, there's just too many all-girl groups, bands front and led by instrument-slinging women, or in a couple cases, bands simply fronted by women who are outright forces of nature, to hold us down. Hope you dig!

1. The Bobbyteens – Jenny
2. The Friggs – I Thought You Said That You Were Going To Kill Yourself
3. Thee Outlets – You’re Not Gonna
4. The Pebbles – Square Box
5. April March – Tu Mens
6. The Bangles – How Is The Air Up There?
7. The Love Me Nots – Not That Kind Of Girl
8. The Manxx – Call Of The Wild
9. The Mongrelettes – You Got Me Crying
10. The Shall-I-Say-Quois – It’s So Hard To Be Happy
11. The Brood – Heart Of Stone
12. The Pandoras – It’s About Time
13. The Chymes – He’s Not There Anymore
14. The Diaboliks – No More To Say
15. The Delmonas – I Feel Alright
16. Boonaraaas!!! – Run Better Run
17. Tee and Thee Crumpets – Everything You’ve Got
18. Holly Golightly – Your Love Is Mine
19. The Shocking Blue – Send Me A Postcard
20. The Go-Go’s – How Much More

Hope you enjoyed today's show, we'll be back with a brand new hour for you next week! Of course, you can always leave us comments at! As always, new episodes debut on Thursdays at 10pm CET, 9pm GMT, 4pm U.S. Eastern Time, and 2pm U.S. Mountain Time. In the meantime, you can hear this show again tomorrow at 4am CET, 3am, GMT, 10pm ET, 8pm MT, and again the following Monday at 6pm CET, 5pm GMT, noon EDT, 10am MDT. No matter what part of the day you like your garage, mod, psych, or beat, there's a day of the week when Action Time Radio is convenient for you!


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