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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hot, the Wylde and the Right Now... Wax 'em down dude!

These are some of the latest additions that you may enjoy listening to the NOW Sound from tomorrow on:

Featuring some great songs from the following brandnew releases from your FAVE Labels:

The X-Ray Harpoons - Get Attuned To Our Tyme LP  

The Mentalettes - Lovers' Wasteland 7"  

The Teamsters - Play along with... The Teamsters EP  
(Moody Monkey Records)

The Mourning After - Tall, Dark & Gruesome LP
(Screaming Apple Records)

The Norvins - No Tyme For Tears LP  
(Soundflat Records)

The Moonstones - Cuando Cae La Noche LP
(Soundflat Records)

Las Aspiradoras - Haciendo Amigos LP  
(Soundflat Records)

The Shakers - A Whole Lotta Shakers! LP  
(Soundflat Records)

Tune in - Turn up - Kick back - Enjoy!! :-)


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