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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Action Time Radio - Episode 15

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The weather is hot. Real hot. Damn hot. But so is the rock and roll, relentless, beating back the heat with the joyful power of guitars, combo organs, and drums. So sit back and enjoy an hour in the icebox cooler full of garage, freakbeat, and psych before it's time to once again stomp, shout, and work it on out. Here's what we got on tap:

1. Gonn – Blackout of Gretely
2. The Longboatmen – Take Her Anytime
3. Mystic Eyes – Let the Wind Blow
4. Biff Bang Pow! – Then When I Scream
5. The Mongrelettes – My Baby’s Gone
6. The Birds – How Can It Be?
7. The Hypnomen – Jethead
8. Thee Mighty Caesars – Little By Little
9. Shapes Have Fangs – Rattle and Confuse Me
10. The Spyrals – The Rain
11. The Bresslaws – Captain Fantastic
12. The Orangu-Tones – Escargot-go
13. The Othermen – I Don’t Know Why
14. The Seeds – Try To Understand
15. Thee Vicars – I’ll Hunt You Down
16. The Tell-Tale Hearts – It’s Not Me
17. Stereo Total – In Out
18. Easybeats – Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
19. The Jackson Investment Co. – What Can I Say
20. Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty 6 – Over It

That's it for this week's Action Time Radio, we'll be back again next Thursday at the usual time, with a brand new hour of heat-beating sonic missiles. If you missed the show, you can catch it again on Monday at 6pm CET, 5pm GMT, noon ET, and 10am MT.



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