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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Action Time Radio - Episode 7

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Another week, well into spring, so we're gonna amp it up and bounce things around just a bit. Lots of emphasis in the garage and beat today, and a sunny mood, despite bands named after pallbearers, hearses, and other such funereal stuff...

1. The Datsons – I Am the Eye
2. The Knickerbockers – High On Love
3. Graham Gouldman – Stop! Stop! Stop!
4. The Clique – The Fish Down Gina’s
5. Pendragon – Desert Of Time
6. The Phantom Keys – Shut Up Johnny
7. Satan’s Pilgrims – Dilation
8. Paul Bearer and the Hearsemen – I’ve Been Thinking
9. The Pebbles – Square Box
10. The Frantic Five – Kathe Fora
11. The Optic Nerve – Ain’t That A Man
12. Mummies – The Red Cobra #9
13. The Creation – Life Is Just Beginning
14. Golden Earring – Daddy Buy Me A Girl
15. The Indifferents – Cindy
16. The Flight Reaction – A Broken Heart
17. Jolly Green Giants – Caught You Red Handed
18. The Midnight Snack – Mister Time
19. Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers – Don’t Mind If I Do
20. The Zombies – What More Can I Do

Hope you enjoyed the show, we'll be back with another brand spanking new hour of Action Time Radio next Thursday at the usual time, and today's show will be replayed on Monday.

Tally ho!


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