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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Featured Series 2013: The Scumbugs

It's time to bug you ...again!!

Following up on the great response to their 3 track demo, the Scumbugs shitted all over some shiny black wax to bring you the best dance-infested frat-punk-garage the north has ever seen.
Guaranteed to make you jump & shake, this hot platter will make you scream out HEEHEHEHEY so many times that it sure beats drinking aquavit on a rollercoaster to keep you warm!

The Ace-side is the killer song all about travelling back in time in a timemachine to trace the roots of PRIMITIVE!!... only to find out that the missing link is a stoned ape!
And by the time you're back on the other side, you find your girlfriend's gone away! HEEHEHEHEY ;-)

Putting your money on the 'Wrong Horse' has never been so much against the odds! You only get it when you got it, so go get it!

The Scumbugs (7")
The Missing Link b/w My Baby's Gone Away
Label: Wrong Horse Records RECORD No. 001 I-GET-IT (2013)


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