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Monday, June 27, 2011

Down the drain: The Psykicks

As everything goes down the drain..... The Psykicks released their second full length album three years after the recordings and while the band is not active anymore.

Psykicks - Down The Drain
With a psy and a kicks side and an astonishing artwork the requiem of the Greek band is one more release from their organ player's label, Fuzz Overdose Records.

New songs, old songs and two covers make an explosive total of 10 songs divided in 4 parts with prelude and epilogue....Garage to power pop and punk.

The Psykicks
The dark side of the mushroom......once upon a time!!!

The Psykicks in their 8 years life, have released one EP "Beware the Psykicks" on Action Records and their debut album "Ignition Time" on Sound Effect Records. And after all these they set themselves "in orbit" - each on his own trip - forming other bands as the Mongrelettes and the B-Sides.


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