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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pleased to meet you...

Hope you guess my name!!!

With our music loaded and our broadcaster in warp speed, we are on AIR!!!
Hip Hip hurray.....

So please allow me to introduce myself....
My name is Yeah Right and i am a godfathers were joking so much among each other using yeah right, at the end they found out yeah right is like coca cola....suits everywhere!!!

So here i am, focusing mostly to music coming from the underground....Independent labels and bands and tunes of the past we go nuts with.... I am so underground, you gotta DIGGGG!!!
Garage, Soul, R&B, Freakbeat, Punk Rock, Power Pop..... everything you ever wanted to hear in a 24/7 basis but you wouldn't dare to wish.

I know i came out of your wildest and most secret dreams ;)
Admit it!!!
Yeah right.....DIG IT!!!!!!!


PippoBaudo said...

Just Tune in with your FUK#@$NG Great Radio!!!
Perfect name for the best radio around!

Hi from thee
former bass player of Head and the Hares

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