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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cosmic Trippin' for 14th time.....

The festival season started and we are on the road loaded with the biggest appetite for party, summer fun and good music.....
First stop 1300km away from our base town Berlin, Cosmic Trip vol.14 in the heart of France, in Bourges....the first capital of France...oh mon dieu!!!!!!
The venue is just amazing.....the main palais de sport of the city situated near the small river offers one of the best spots for a festival like this.
Official opening of the festival are The Norvins....i just love them. A great band from Paris, faithfull to the garage standars, with a really good lp out from Soundflat Records.

And the line up continues....Speedball Jr, Messer Chups, Mystik Motorcycles, Responders....and the fabulous Dollsquad...and that was just the first day.

The second day started a bit earlier with Dead Valdez and The Kitchenmen, and the hot french summer sun to burn our skin....(i think i need an americain and a beer - americain a.k.a the french version of american a baguette!!!)

Eight o clock sharp....the Revellions (i just love these guys, i can watch them again and again and is never enough).

And then...King Salami and his Cumberland 3 (high octane energy show!), the rippers (too much spitting garage punk) and Los Banditos for the grand finale (the thuringen experience...memory sticks probably were already full that is why there is no video - so next time they are somewhere around, just don't miss them).

Too bad Love me nots didnt make it to be there - blame British Airways, but Lazy Guns Brisky, a girl band from Japan - wow!- saved the day and not only...

ps... Les Kitschenettes for the after party breakfast and the last drink goodbye till we meet again... we are gonna see them again in full action at this year's edition of Soundflat Ballroom Bash book your tickets early ;)

And the festival season continues.....


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I wish you very much good music and lots of nice drinks, feel free to be our manager and promoot more BL'

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