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Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to... tune in to Yeah Right Radio

Streaming Radio

and what you need to be able to hear it!

AAC+ is a cutting-edge way to listen to online streaming radio that provides excellent sound quality at lower bitrates than you would need for comparable quality from MP3. Learn more about why AAC+ is the future of online streaming radio.

Not all players support AAC+ yet. Below is a list of software that is available on each platform that is capable of tuning into AAC+ streams. Before you can listen to the AAC+ stream, you must have one of these programs on your system so that it can play back an AAC+ formatted stream.

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Apple Mac OS X
Winamp Winamp
Orban Windows Media Player
with Orban Plugin

VLC VLC for Windows VLC VLC for Mac OS X
VLC VLC for Linux

iTunes iTunes iTunes iTunes

To make sure you can listen to the player on the webpage, it is required that you install the Free Orban AAC+ plugin for Windows Media Player in order to play the stream the instant you open the page.

But, you can still listen to our AAC+ stream if you have one of the player applications listed above. If you already have a program that can open AAC+ streams, then simply click on one of the icons in our player on the radio website to listen to the stream directly in your favorite compatible player.

It goes without saying that it's always best to have the latest updated version of the player you like to use, so check for player-updates!

For the geeks: we have a http-stream and an icyx-stream. You can choose whichever streamprotocol your player supports. If your operating system is well configured, starting a stream will open your default player for that streamprotocol and else you will be prompted to select a compatible player.

If you are using Winamp and are unable to hear or connect to the stream, make sure you have the mp3PRO-plugin disabled. See Winamp-settingsmenu: options-preferences-input.


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